Bluefin Tuna

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Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna

Fishing for Giant Tuna is like hunting for a big game trophy, you have to put your time in. You will not kill a trophy every time you go but when you do get one; you will talk about it and show off photos for the rest of your life!

Being chosen to fish on TV series “Wicked Tuna” was not by accident. A lot of research is done by production companies who spend over one million dollars filming a boat. They know they have hired a boat that will produce Trophy Giant Bluefin!

You can fish on the boat that was featured in “Wicked Tuna” for your chance to catch to catch a trophy Giant Bluefin Tuna.

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Methods used for catching Bluefin Tuna:

Trolling is a common method used at certain times of yea

Once the boat has arrived on the grounds, 3-4 rods are set out with lures of different varieties. These are usually top water swimmers so you can watch them swim gracefully through the water like a peaceful school of baitfish. We will use squid rigs which are many rubber squid all rigged together to resemble a school of squid. Mackerel are another one of the many rigs and lures we use while trolling.

Waiting for the ambush!

Watch carefully for the Tuna to ambush the rigs! Watch for a swirl behind the rigs – that means a Tuna is ready to strike. Tuna will also “short hit” the rigs and repeatedly jump out of the water – crashing behind the lures. This is quite a site! Sometimes there is no warning – just an explosion.

The explosion!

Even a small tuna 50 lbs will grab the rig and make it look a cast iron tub just fell into the water. A large Tuna will make a splash like a Volkswagen fell from the sky. The sight of this is something you will never forget!

Immediately following the explosion the outrigger will loudly” twang “and the reel will start screaming out line.

Here is a 250 pound Tuna that was caught on this pink squid rig.

The excitement begins. The crew will set you up with a fighting belt if using “Stand-up” gear and coach you through the Tuna battle. You may choose to battle the Tuna yourself or pass the tuna rod to one of your buddies. The crucial time is the last few minutes of the fight. 90% of the tuna that break off are at the back of the boat. When this time comes, if you are fatigued, it is strongly recommended that you pass the rod! Listen carefully to the crew for instructions on how to land your Tuna.
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Bait fishing for Tuna

Our other method of catching Tuna

Live and dead baits can be deadly for Tuna. Live baits are caught in a net set out by the crew and /or caught by you on rod and reel. Having the right bait can be tricky at times and is an important part of the days productivity. The boat is then anchored on a productive edge of a slope, these are “Tuna highways”. The Tuna will swim through this area during the day ,but you never know when. Tide changes are a key to Tuna fishing, there has been many days when it looks like a desert with no life and when the tide changes it brings a new day of bait and Tuna to the area. The baits are set out at different depths to entice the passing fish for a snack.

Chumming can also be effective to attract tuna into a feeding mode. Cut up pieces of bait thrown into the water produce a smell and fish will be attracted to it. Chumming will also attract many other species of fish,some you don’t want and can put you out of business looking for a Tuna bite. It takes good local knowledge of what is in the area to know whether to chum or not.

Most of our Larger Giant Tuna are caught this way. The Kayman Boats have landed Giants over 1000 pounds on a small chunk of herring!

What is the most exciting way to hook a Blue-fin Tuna?? Kite Fishing!

Kite fishing

Kite fishing works great and is an incredible way to catch a Tuna. It is quite an experience watching a bait dangle from a line in the sky sending off a distress signal that lures the Tuna to the surface in a frenzy to ambush its prey!

The Kite is flown and an outrigger clip that is attached to the kite line holds the fishing line so it will be released when the fish strikes the bait.

This is awesome. The sight launching itself in the air and smashing the bait is a sight you will never forget!

Kite fishing can allow for more bites than other methods when conditions allow!

Our experienced crew will instruct inexperienced anglers in the use of all tackle, reeling techniques and help you land your trophy!

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On the Kayman Boats we use Shimano and Penn 130 class reels on bent butt rods, we also have Shimano 50 series reels on stand up rods for the smaller fish. The Larger Big game rods and reels are what we like to fish when we know there are Trophy fish in the area. Many times over the years we have been fishing for school Tuna and been spooled by a hungry Giant Blue-fin Tuna! This is like bringing a knife to a gun fight; you can join in the fight. But you won’t win!

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