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Shark Fishing Massachusetts

Shark fishing Charters

Shark fishing in Massachusetts is a favorite trip among many! Seeing a man eating shark thrashing at the back of the boat is a sight to remember! Shark fishing charters are usually a combo with Cod and Haddock fishing. Everyone gets to catch great Cod and Haddock while waiting for the Shark chum to work. It is not uncommon that the sharks will hit a Cod that is being reeled up by an angler before it takes the bait with the wire leader. Sharks can turn a 30 pound Cod fish into just a head being reeled in! The distress signal given off by a fighting Cod mixed with a chum bucket carrying away pieces of ground fish is a sure recipe for a Shark hookup!

Gloucester and its offshore banks are home to many Shark species, making Shark fishing in Massachusetts plentiful. The most common is the Blue Shark. Other Species such as Mako, Porbeagle, Thresher and Whites visit the offshore waters.

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 The best time for a Shark fishing charter is August thru September – the waters are warmer and there is plenty of feed.

For shark fishing in Massachusetts, generally live Baits are set to a predetermined depth and floated with a ballon. The reels are left in free spool with the clicker on. When the ballon starts walking the reel is locked in and the hook is set…HANG ON!!

Stand up gear is used for Shark fishing. The rod is usually passed around the boat between clients as weary arms give way. The fight can last 30 minutes to over one hour.

harks range from 70lbs to over 1000lbs. If you’re looking for a great shark fishing charter experience.

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