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Haddock Fishing Charter – New England

Kayman Charters is a full time fishing boat. We fish year round and always know where the fish are! We rely on repeat customers – there are very few people that we have seen only once! Charter boat fishing is our livelihood and only business, so you can be sure to get the best fishing experience. We do not hire inexperienced captains to follow other boats to rely on the catch. The Captain is the owner and wants to make sure you return happy. Most folks ask for our schedule to book a return trip before they depart!

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DSCN0156Haddock Fishing on the Lisa&Jake

Double hookups are a challenge to land and a common sight on the Lisa&Jake!

Landing on schools of large fish during our Haddock fishing charters is not just luck. It takes years of experience and being on the grounds almost every day of the week. Knowing the migration patterns and areas of bait fish means we can produce the finest quality of catches for our customers. We’ll help you find and snag haddock on some of the richest fishing grounds in the coastal waters off Gloucester, Massachusetts. This is what makes the difference in the final catch of the day.

Like the sound of it? Read our customer testimonials or join us on the Lisa&Jake for some of the best Cod & Haddock fishing in New England!!

Haddock make Good Eats

Haddock are one of the best eating fish our New England waters offer. These tasty creatures are served in all fine restaurants across New England. Legal Seafoods, the leader in fish dishes, serves only hand-caught Haddock.

Haddock are normally deepwater fish that feed on small shellfish 1/4 the size of a dime. They travel in schools sometimes by the thousands. This makes for some great fishing and even better table fare!

DSCN0147The Best Months to Fish for Haddock

Haddock are available all year long in different spots. Summer can be a great time to Haddock fish as well as early spring March and April when the fish gather to spawn, this is a great way to get in on an early bite. Last Spring we were catching between 125 to 225 haddock per trip!!

Check out our Fishing Reports for the most up-to-date information on fish conditions.

Bait Fishing for Haddock

Haddock are usually caught on bait. Clams or shrimp is the preferred bait that we use on Kayman Charters. Certain areas that have a really healthy bottom – lots of mussels, starfish, crabs etc. – are excellent areas to fish with bait. The fish in these areas are feeding off of the bottom on this sea life.

The boat is anchored to establish a feeding spot. During your Haddock fishing charter, the smell of a fresh chunk of clam or cut fish will make for an easy offering to a fish on the hunt. The bite usually starts out slow with one fish here and there as the school congregates and then the feed is on!

Tips on Bait Fishing

DSCN0137When bait fishing, you are trying to catch a fish that is sucking off the bottom so your bait must be on the bottom. If your bait is not on the bottom the fish will swim under it and keep going to your buddy’s bait that is in his food zone.

Drifting Baits

When drifting baits it can be difficult keeping in touch with the bottom. The braided line is a definite must for this type of fishing. The feel of the bottom is much better with the braid. As you are drifting along it is wise to leave the reel in free spool with your thumb on the spool, then slowly let the line out as the boat drifts while keeping the line taut. When you feel the bite feed, let a little more line out then lock in the reel and set the hook.