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Fishing Charters Massachusetts – Overnight Trips

Overnight fishing charters in Massachusetts on the 40ft Lisa&Jake are a great way to spend a Summer night. Large deck lights will illuminate the water surrounding the boat as phosphorescence lights up the prop wash like cylume sticks in the dark. Squid and herring as well as grey sided Dolphins can be seen flying through the wakes to make for an awesome show on the back deck.
LJbunksA plate of cheese and crackers along with a beverage of your choice enhances the ride as fishing stories get longer and taller as the night progresses.

Now it is time for some shut eye before the morning bite. On your overnight fishing charter, Five bunks down below will provide a spot for all anglers. A day bed in the wheelhouse will be a napping spot for one of the captains to take shifts at the helm.

At 4am the Lisa&Jake anchors over the pile of Cod, Haddock and Wolf fish that shows up like a stack of nickles on the fish finder. This spot is secured before daylight occurs as the fish will lay down as the sun comes up making them harder to see on the furuno machine.

The fishing starts as weary eyed anglers emerge from below deck. The coffee pot brewing puts a fresh sent of Java throughout the wheelhouse. A few cups are poured and spiced with cream and sugar, only a few sips are taken as sounds of “fish on” are spoken, and your overnight fishing charter really starts. The coffee plays a second role to the bent rod on the deck. A large Cod fish comes to gaff as 4 more jigs hit the 300ft bottom. This action is mixed with Pollock, Cusk and Haddock. The action continues until the sun peaks fully in the horizon and the tide starts to ebb.

LJcabin A school of Tuna is spotted chasing mackerel in the distance…the engine fires up and the anchor is hauled with intentions of spicing the trip with Tuna steaks for the ride home later in the day. The 50 series Shamano reels quickly exit the cabin and are secured in the rod holders. A few prerigged mackerel are crimped onto the leaders as the Lisa&Jake move toward the hungry school of Tuna.

The Tuna seem to disappear as the boat stops and drifts were the Tuna were last seen. A school of bait fish appears on the fish finder, Captain Kevin yells to deploy the prerigged baits. As the baits are let into the tide a single Tuna appears and swirls on the bait, “FISH ON’ within seconds the line screams off the Tuna rod like a rocket! A 40 minute fight puts 3 of the anglers begging for mercy as they pass of the rod to a fresh set of arms. The fish comes to the side of the boat and is gaffed, the mate calls for a second gaff. With two gaffs in the fish the is slid in the Tuna door on to the deck. Anglers line up for some great photos of this 160 lb Bluefin Tuna before it is bled and gutted to be put on ice.

As the Lisa&Jake heads to the Captain’s Haddock honey hole 10 miles to the east, anglers brew another pot of coffee and grab a bite to eat. The mate cleans the deck of the Tuna gear and prepares the gear for a Haddock bite. A 40 minute ride to the Haddock hole gives anglers time to replenish their arm strength and fill their stomachs for the next fishing hole.
LJdaybed Anglers prepare the 6/0 circle hooks with fresh chunks of clam as the Lisa&Jake comes tight on the anchor line. The baits are dropped to the 50 fathom mark and the wait begins. Five minutes go by until the Haddock can no longer resist the smell of the fresh surf clams. One fish on… two fish on… three fish on. The fishing picks up quickly as a huge school of offshore Haddock get lured under the boat. This spot produces a great number of Haddock along with a few wolf fish some Cod and Cusk into the early afternoon.

The captain signals for the last drop as he prepares the vessel for the journey back to Gloucester. All anglers grab their last Haddock as the anchor is pulled from the bottom by the boat’s hydraulic system. The anglers breakdown their rods and stow gear as a few refreshing beverages are enjoyed, celebrating a very successful fishing trip.


  • For your Massachusetts fishing charter, plan for cooler weather overnight. A sweatshirt or jacket is recommended. The wheelhouse is fully enclosed and heated if it gets really cool.
  • Waterproof boots and pants are recommended. You can keep the bunk area clean and dry by removing your fishing boots and pants before you go below.
  • Bring plenty of food. There is a microwave and cook top below. A small grill can be brought for steaks and burgers if the weather allows.
  • Keep it simple, prepare your food at home in resealable containers for easy neat storage.
  • Bring plenty of water on your fishing charters – the summer sun and hard fishing require a lot of hydration.
  • Do not over pack – plan on fitting your clothes in a backpack-sized bag. Each person will get his own bunk to rest and keep his belongings.
  • Overnight fishing charters in Massachusetts will start in mid June and run to mid September.
  • Plan your overnight fishing trip to the offshore grounds with plenty of time for proper preparation.