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Deep Sea Sport Fishing in Gloucester, Massachusetts
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Deep Sea Fishing Charter – Gloucester, MA

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Plan to be at the dock 15-20 minutes before the departure time.

Please limit the coolers.

Both boats are equipped with large ice chests to take care of all the fish. Drinks can be kept in this cooler as well. A cooler to transport your catch can be left in your vehicle or dockside.


Water, soda, or a couple of beers are O.K. Hard liquor is NOT allowed.

There are no illegal drugs allowed on the Kayman Too.

Deep Sea Fishing in Cold Weather:

Winter waterproof boots are a must, the deckhose is always running to clean fish debris

Waterproof insulated gloves.can be purchased at local fishing supply or tackle shops

Waterproof pants,Grundens or coveralls

Hat and extra gloves

This is what the crew wears to be prepared for any weather.

Warm weather fishing:

Water proof shoes, light jackets sunscreen. Remember.. Just because the weather man says it will be 70 degrees, that will not be the temp on the ocean. Cool ocean water acts like an air conditioner with a little breeze.

Bring your lunch, there is a microwave on the boat for hot meals.

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