Pollock Fishing is RED HOT

Men Caught a Fish | Kayman Charters

by | Nov 11, 2010 | Fishing Reports

As the Cod has come to a close in the Gulf of Maine, we turn our targets to the very aggressive Pollock. Everyone has caught a Pollock or two but unless you have experienced Fall Pollock fishing on the Kayman you haven’t been!

The Pollock gather up into giant schools this time of the year to spawn. It is not uncommon to see them up to 50ft thick, {the school we were on the other day was about 30ft thick.}

These fish are starving because when in the spawn they don’t actively target food. When a jig or anything that moves it put in front of them they inhale it !

These are the strongest fighting fish for their size!

We rig the leaders with 200lb test line to aviod breaking the jigs and teasers apart, even 100lb test will break with two of these aggressive fish fighting each other!

Almost every drop all 6 anglers will come up with doubles. This fills the boat quickly as over 1000lbs of fish can be put on in no time at all!

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