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Men Caught a Fish | Kayman Charters

by | Apr 13, 2011 | Fishing Reports

OH MY GOD!!! We have never seen Haddock like this before! The Haddock have to be 30ft thick and balled up in the tens of thousands! Most days were one stop shopping as we anchored right on these piles and then the slaughter began. Double header action was non stop for the duration of the trip! These fish were starving and even the smallest washed out piece of bait got inhaled! While this action quickly filled all the fish boxes corrals were made to pile more into the made up hold. Needless to say the crew had their work cut out for them cutting for hours on end in less than favorable conditions, waves coming over the top and scattering the fish all over the deck was common, looks like we have more of that to look forward to in the upcoming days! Check out the open dates to book your charter!

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