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Kayman Charters is moving!

I am moving the boat into the harbor, 1 mile from Cape ann Marina.

The new dock is now under construction but will be Land & Sea Marina. It is located at 11 Harbor Loop. Next to the coast guard station and behind the Building Center, lumber yard.

We will no longer have to wait for the bridge to open and is only headway speed for a few minutes until we are underway.

There is Parking at the Marina and plenty of public parking within a 2 minute walk.

The Gloucester House restaurant and many others are within walking distance.

There also is to be a Marine Supply Store on site for fishing gear and supplies.

This move comes after 30 years at Cape -Ann Marina. The Marina has changed to cater to tourists and the bar and the pricing has forced the move.

I think the new location will be better for everyone!

I look forward to seeing you all this year at the new Location!


Shared Charter dates for May 2020


Shared Charter dates for May 2020 are posted on the website and ready to reserve! Haddock fishing opens in just 59 days so reserve your trip today!



Spring Haddock will be here soon!

Spring Haddock is around the corner! I am repowering the Lisa and Jake with a new 8.3 electronic Cummins engine!

This is a big project that will begin soon. I expect to have the boat up and going for the end of April!

Join me on a shared or full day private fishing trip!

new 8.3 Cummins

Shared Charter fishing limit out early on Kayman Charters

Shared Charters last week slayed nice sized Haddock! Haddock to 25 in were coming over the gunwale faster then the mate could bleed them and stackem! Only a handful of short fish in the mix 96 Haddock had filled the totes early in the day.

The Shared trip, mostly regulars, wanted to try for Cusk and Red fish. A short steam was made and the Lisa&Jake was on some nice sized Reds and some Cusk as well.

I shouldn’t post this but, Still no Dog Fish!!!

Julys Shared trips are July 14 and July 20

See you then!

Everyone went home with a nice bag of filets


Calin and his son enjoying the trip

Jeff holds one of the many nice Haddock he caught

Gloucester Fishing Charters/Shared Charter

Fishing Charters continue to be solid outside Gloucester. Shared Charter trips are bringing many anglers to meet up again as regular clients. Capt. Kevin continues to provide top catches for all his clients. The Lisa&Jake continues to be the best Charter boat in town celebrating 30 yrs in Gloucester

Haddock is the main catch as they are plentiful and great eating! Trips have been spiced up with a number of Cusk and Pollock who take the bait offerings.

Sharks have also been battled Porbeagle Sharks wore one angler for 2 hrs last week as the fish was hooked in the side. Porbeagles are like a Mako and good eatng.

Cusk are strong fighters and are in the 5-15 pound range, the meat is White as white can be and are very tasty as baked, fried or in chowda.

Pollock have also been on the increase this month with a few slammers mixed in with a few smaller ones. The best news is the dogs still have not moved in as of yesterday, Zero Dogs!!

Shared Charter opening are June 23 and June 28

Great eating Haddock

Hot Haddock fishing continues


Cousin Vinnie lands a nice Cusk

Keith Smiles for every fish he catches!
God bless you Keith!


Haddock fishing is going Strong!

After a slow start in April The May fishing has been producing some good numbers of nice Haddock.
The fish have been a mix of some nice Cusk and a few Slammer Pollock and Haddock!
Unlike the previous years were the Haddock were in the shoal water of Stellwagon Bank the fish moved into the deeper water to the east.

The Lisa&Jake has been steaming 2 hrs to get to some of these productive grounds. Anchoring on some of the reefs has been a challenge with some of the weather that has been coming through to say the least! When the boat hits the mark all the rods bend and the fun begins.  Some drifts at slack tide produced great for the skilled angler.

Next Shared trips is Sunday June 22 don’t miss out!

A nice May Haddock

A tasty Cusk gives anglers a battle


Long time patron and friend Lew Stien eyes his dinner!

Shared Charter dates posted

The Shared Charter fishing trips for Spring Haddock fishing have been posted. Early Spring has brought some of the best Fishing to our Gloucester waters. This has been a bonus for folks that like light tackle fishing.

The shoal waters were the fish gathered can be reached with an eight oz. weight. This is plenty for the skilled angler. Light jigs also can bring up a feisty Haddock when presented as a tasty treat for a hungry Haddock.

Regulations have not been posted yet but for the first year in many there is proposed to be an increase in bag limits and seasons for Haddock.

These new rules would be in effect for May 1 2019

Gloucester Fishing Charters Kayman Charters

Gloucester Fishing Charters Kayman Charters

Fall Tuna Special

With Commercial Tuna season getting shorter we are giving huge savings to our customers! For October a $550 savings fro school Tuna trips.

Tuna in the gulf have been getting very abundant and a lot of school Tuna are being caught. Join in on the action today!

A Nice fish for the guys from NJ

A Nice fish for the guys from NJ


Fernando and the Z-man with a nice Tuna

Fernando and the Z-man with a nice Tuna


Gloucester Haddock Fishing Charters

Haddock fishing charters outside Gloucester continues to be red hot! Folks on Kayman Charters F/V Lisa&Jake continue to pick and choose the largest fish to maximize the yield!

Haddock to 28 in have been coming over the gunwales non stop for most of the day, the catch has been 95% haddock, very few Cod this year and other throw backs make a great trip!

We did catch a 22 in black back flounder and a 30 in Halibut that had to be released.

The fish are still in the shallow water but soon to migrate to the deeper  water as the water temps begin to rise.

Weekend trips are available and the next Shared trip is Friday June 29

Halibut caught and released on Kayman Charters

Halibut caught and released on Kayman Charter

IMG950889[1]                                                                                                                            IMG_4827[1]

Haddock Fishing has been “best it gets”!!

Stellwagon bank Haddock

Stellwagon Bank Haddock

Kayman Haddock

The Haddock fishing on Kayman charters has been awesome this Spring. Kayman Charters has been on non stop action on Stellwagon Bank.

Plenty of bait and a lively whale show has spiced up trips all Spring long. Sand eels and Herring have been the main feed for all the species. Sand eels attract everything from Mackerel to Giant Tuna. These 3-5 in tasty creatures are the beginning of the food chain that brings so much life to the Bank!

Join in for a private or Shared Charter for great Haddock fishing!