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Trying to keep the anxious anglers and Kayman Charters clients informed as much as I can.
After a lengthy meeting yesterday in Danvers Ma I have learned the final regulations will not be in stone until March or April. Some of the decisions and recommendations are in place.
The recreational fisherman will be able to ground fish in the closed areas May – Aug, worst case is a May14 start when the emergency action ends.
It looks like the best case scenario is going to be a 4 Haddock per angler possession limit. There is a zero possession limit on Cod. No limits on other fish, Pollock, Cusk, redfish etc.
The Recreational advisory panel spent the day yesterday coming up with reasons on how we can reduce Cod bycatch and still allow fishing. If the council agrees with all of the reasons and recommendations that the bycatch of Cod will be much lower than the statistics show, only then the would allow a 4 haddock limit.
Unless the recreational sector can reduce Cod bycatch there will also be a zero haddock limit.

As stated these are NOT the regulations just what was put forth to council to review.

I am looking for input from past clients. The days of filling the boat are over unless you land on some nice Pollock. Some of the ideas I have are:
Shorter trips..less money
Combo trips Summer months can be mixed with Tuna/Shark
Bass fishing.. can be good in late May-July.
Last year we did very few trips after Aug 31 when there was no Cod and Haddock. we did have a few good Pollock trips and did some Tuna fishing. This becomes very difficult to keep the business going as the expenses never stop.
If you are reading this please take time to go to the home page and write a short note if you are interested in any fishing or the low Haddock limits and no Cod are going to make you take your fishing elsewhere.
I truly appreciate your input!
Thank you
Capt. Kev
Gloucester Kayman Charters

Hunter was high hook!

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