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F/V Lisa&Jake land more Halibut!

Bob McBride lands a 40pound Halibut on F/V Lisa&Jake

The overnight trip on F/V Lisa&Jake  left Saturday eve.Anglers enjoyed a few cheese and cracker while watching the movie”the Fockers” then had a good rest on the ride out with calm seas. Fishing was fantastic today the sunrise was spectacular and the predawn bite was on bait, Haddock started out the day as the fish settled to the bottom as the sun poked its nose over the horizon. Large Cod and slammer Pollock began slamming jigs as the bait set ups were replaced with some custom jigs. A great number of haddock were jigged up and yes a 40 pound halibut to finish up the day! We thought we were not going to get our Halibut bite that we came for and then it happened! Bob McBride’s rod doubled over and the drag was singing! Now we have had many double very large Pollock during the day that do the same thing so we weren’t sure. Bob stated” I only have one hook, no teaser” Five minutes into the fight the fish lite up and was peeling drag again! that’s when we were very optimistic!, Then it appeared from the 200 ft depths a 45 inch 40 pound Halibut! It was an awesome sight!
Halibut was filleted and a portion was cooked with the captains favorite boat recipe for the return ride to Gloucester
Inshore day trips were spectacular last week as the dogs moved out and schools of large haddock continued to come into the area
Some nice white bellied Cod joined the mix as well
Shark fishing has been great as well, this has been added to most trips as a bonus to fight big game during the trip!
Sunday Sept one is a shared trip that has a few openings to finish up the Summer go to Kaymancharters.com to sign up for this one!
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