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by | Feb 4, 2015 | Fishing Reports

Here we are in February battling the snow and looking forward to our fishing. Thoughts of fishing and enjoying the water gets a lot of us through our tough jobs and cold winter days. For myself it passes the time while plowing the many feet of snow over and over again!

The new regulations are going to change the way we do our fishing. The days of battling out the cold and rough seas to get to those big Cod fish are memories of the past.

For years we used to shovel out the January snow on the Kayman Too, break through the ice at the marina, hope the bridge was not frozen shut and navigate to the hot spots. The deck hose would have to be running all day long to keep ice from forming on the deck.

Even on a bright Sunny day I had the radar going and all tuned in knowing that as soon as I headed around the breakwater the spray of saltwater would freeze instantly making my visibility to absolutely zero. The customers fishing rods were stored inside the wheelhouse so they would not be a ball of ice when arriving on the fishing grounds.

After a short ride I would arrive on some of my winter hot spots, the bottom sounder tuned in looking for the orange spikes to display, sometimes the fish would hold so tight to the bottom it would look like a barren waste land to the untrained eye. As the current and drift were calculated the anglers would prepare their jigs. I would position the boat and get ready for the first drop,” this was my favorite thing I liked best about Cod fishing”. As the jigs reached bottom I would watch my bottom machine go to nothing and then exploded as the fish light up with excitement to devour the jig offerings of the anglers!

Wow they are there and hungry!

Most of these days any Cod that was not at least 10 pounds would be released to grow bigger. We would have our limit-80 Cod for the boat in no time. This would usually be 8 boxes of fish with the 40 plus pounders laying on the deck. The boat record was 50 minutes!

Well..as we know for now we can no longer keep Gulf of Maine Cod in 2015. Haddock, Pollock, Cusk and Redfish will now be our main catch on our ground fishing trips. For those who always put a price on the amount of fish you took home to the cost of your trip, unfortunately this is no longer for you. for those who enjoy a day with family and friends on the ocean we have adjusted the trips to a lower price and a shorter day.

Our new ground fishing trips will run 7-8 hours and leave at 6am. the price will be $900 for the boat.

Our Shared Charters will be $175 and also be a 7-8 hour trip.

Summer Tuna/Shark/ Haddock trips will still be a 10 hour day and remain at $1350

I hope this will keep the tradition of fishing going and be enough to pay the overhead of running the boat. Even though it is a 4 month season now all of the overhead is still based on 12 months…I hope I can keep the boat going as I seek out other opportunities.

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