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Marathon Trips – for the anglers who don’t want their fishing day to end.

Overnight Trips– A great way to spend a Summer night.

Shared Charters– Quality trip without having to come up with 6 people.

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“The most productive Charter boat in the North East”

Keep coming back to check out our collection of sportfishing videos – all shot right on our two boats. Kayman Charters leaves from Gloucester Harbor almost every day during the summer and the winter months as well.

In addition, our Photo Gallery pages have some great shots of past customers showing off their catches during one of our fantastic sportfishing charter trips.

Many of our trips are booked by friends and relatives, but many folks book shared charters or “split trips” allowing them to hook up with our customers to share the cost of charter itself. For more information about Split Trips, please click the link below.

Massachusetts Fishing Charters out of Gloucester, MA

You can be assured many years of knowledge and experience go into your fishing trip. Captain Kevin has over 29 years of following fish migration.

Captain Kevin has kept meticulous records of day by day success of Cod, Haddock and Pollack for years. A lot of homework goes into each of our inshore, offshore, and deep sea fishing charters in Massachusetts, so you only have to worry about reeling in the fish!

Haddock/Cod Fishing Charters Massachusetts

Codfishing is currently closed and replaced by Haddock fishing

Kayman Sportfishing Charters fishes Stellwagon Bank, Tillies ledge and other offshore New England hot spots for Cod, Haddock, Wolffish and Pollack 12 months a year (see our BLOG photo gallery of recent trips). All these bottom dwelling fish are white meat fillets that make great table fare. Take advantage of the increased stocks on New England’s Stellwagon Bank and go Cod fishing today. Codfishing charters in Massachusetts are 9 hour, 12 hour and overnight trips. More on Cod Fishing Charters.

Marathon Fishing Trips

Summer is a great time to Charter a Marathon trip. The water is usually calm on these deep sea fishing charters in Massachusetts and there is an abundance of marine life. Stellwagon bank is full of sand lance which attracts fish from herring and mackerel to Cod, Haddock, Pollock, and also Tuna, Humpback Whales and Grey sided Dolphins. More on Marathon Fishing Charters

Tuna Fishing Charters Massachusetts

Deep sea fishing charters in Massachusetts have never been better! Tuna fish are pure muscle and filled with adrenaline! Tuna are the strongest fighting fish in the world. These streamlined bullets make for a battle you will not forget along with many pounds of delicious steaks for the grill. Tuna are very abundant off Gloucester’s Stellwagon Bank. Tuna fishing charters in Massachusetts are 9 hour and 12 hour charter trips and can be mixed with Cod fishing. See our BLOG/PHOTO gallery of recent trips. More on Tuna Fishing Charters

Shark Fishing Charters Massachusetts

Shark fishing is thrills of excitement as large toothy critters swarm around the boat. Blue Sharks, Makos, Porbeagles and Thressors roam the bait filled waters of New England’s Stellwagon Bank. It is not uncommon to hook a shark to 400 plus pounds. Make a shark trip part of your summer plans. Shark fishing charters are 9 hour and 12 hour trips that can be combined with Cod fishing.

When Tuna and Sharks are in the area, gear can easily be swapped over to add some great big game fishing to your trip. More on Shark Fishing Charters

Striper Fishing Charters Massachusetts

If you want to catch striped bass, one of the best things you can do is to get on a charter with Kayman Charters because as much as the conversation about how to catch stripers is about “live” bait versus “artificial”, it comes down to going where the fish are — and that is Capt. Kevin Twombly’s specialty.

Striper fishing charters can be 6-hour, 9-hour, and 12-hour trips.

Striped Bass is an exciting inshore light tackle charter boat fishery. Most striper fishing is done within three miles of Gloucester, MA. Live baits can be caught by anglers and put into the boats live bait well to be used to catch your trophy. Stripers are excellent on the grill or in the fryer. These trips can be 4 hours (half day) or 9 hour (full day). See our Bass page for more information. More on Striper Fishing Charters

Split Trips or Shared Fishing Charters

“Split trips” or shared charters is an incredibly popular way to go fishing with Kayman Charters. Great for those real fishermen who can’t wait until the gang gets the bug to go fishing again.

This is the best way to pick up a quick trip while on vacation or to do something fun at the last minute! For all the information about how to split a deep sea fishing charter in Massachusetts, please see the call-out to the right.

Share a charter is a great way to avoid head boats and get into some great fishing. With a split charter you are only responsible for yourself. The Captain does all the legwork to put the charter together and is responsible for no shows.

Unless otherwise stated split charters are for Cod/Haddock. Most groups agree to pool the fish and divide them as fillets equally at the end of the trip. You are welcome to not join in if desired.

Shared Charters on the Kayman Too and the Lisa & Jake have brought many anglers together and have returned with their new fishing partners.

Come experience the best private charter boats in New England. You will be back! More on Split Trips or Shared Charters

Overnight Fishing Trips

Kayman Charters is pleased to announce Gloucester’s first private charter for overnight trips. These trips to offshore terrain are for the angler who wants to wake up to a cup of coffee and his fishing rod. These deep sea fishing charters in Massachusetts target offshore Cod, Haddock, Wolffish and Cusk. More on Overnight Trips