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Haddock Fishing Charters Gloucester Ma

KIMG0116 KIMG0117 KIMG0118 KIMG0119 KIMG0120Haddock Fishing was as good as it gets in Gloucester this week! Lock and load fishing filled fish boxes and wore out arms of anglers!

A lot of fish had to be culled through to get the boxes filled with the nice 22 to 25 inch Haddock. So many fish have been coming over the gunwale anything that had to be measured was thrown back!

A short run to the grounds in shallow water makes excellent fishing for the light tackle angler! A small reel and a eight oz. jig works wonders on these hungry fish!

Shared Charters Gloucester Ma

Shared Charters on Kayman Charters Gloucester will be starting with the Spring weather that is here and the beginning of the Haddock fishing is this weekend! .
Reports of sand eels and herring are sure to be the call to large schools of fish! Captain Kevin and Mate Jeff have been getting the 40′ Lisa&Jake in tip top shape for the new season.
Haddock fishing will be a 5 month season this year so plan your yearly fishing trip for best dates soon at kaymancharters.com
Still plenty of open Shared charter dates including a Marathon trip on Saturday May 13!!
Opening day April 15 is available if anyone wants to book a last minute trip for some great Haddock fishing on the Lisa&Jake!

Haddock fishing Charters Gloucester Ma

Nice Haddock on Kayman Charters

Nice Haddock on Kayman Charters

The Haddock Charter fishing season reopens to anglers on April 15 in Gloucester. The Lisa and Jake is ready to take folks fishing! Reports of large Halibut off Gloucester will add a nice surprise to lucky anglers! Last year we released 16 sublegal Halibut mixed in with the Spring Haddock and will be looking for larger ones this Spring!
This will be a great Spring with the colder water and the huge supply of Haddock
  “In 2010 an enormous year class was observed on Georges Bank, only to be surpassed by the largest year class ever observed in 2013. Similarly, the Gulf of Maine haddock stock had historic huge recruitment events in 2012 and 2013”
These year classes of Haddock are all of legal size and the 2010 year class are now are Large Haddock!
Shared Charters are up and ready to be booked on kaymancharters.com including openings on our new “Shared Marathon” with openings on Saturday May 13 as of this report!