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Shared Charters Gloucester Ma


 Haddock Fishing Starts on April 15 this year!
The Lisa&Jake will be ready to take the first group out on Saturday April 15. Captain Kevin and Mate Jeff will have all the new Shimano reels lubed and new hooks sharpened for the opener!
Last year after a mild winter Haddock were abundant in 100 ft. of water, we will check to see if they will make a repeat visit!
Early Spring Haddock run
Kayman Charters announces a new trip Marathon Shared Charter!
  After several requests for a longer day with more fishing time, there will be a new type of trip for all our shared clients
The Shared Marathon dates will be select dates and we will still offer the standard day as well.
  Our Shared customer list is growing every year.The ease of booking a secured spot without repeated phone calls makes it convenient to plan your trip.
  When you book a shared charter with Kayman Charters you can rest assure you will get out fishing even if there is only a couple of clients!
Shared Charter group returns with their catch

Click here for the  Shared Charter page

As always Kayman Charters will be offering Shared Charters these dates that we offer shared trips are posted on the ‘Shared Charter” page of the web site.
It is now easier than ever to sign up for a trip from the shared charter page simply click on the date you would like, sign up and get an instant confirmation!
Tip, The earlier you sign up for the trip more people will see spots are filling in and sign up, In the last two years there has only been 2 times out of 63 that the boat did not go because of lack of fisherman!
Always check our Facebook page for last minute specials
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Click here for the Shared Charter page to check seating and to sign up for these dates
April 16  Easter Haddock Fishing
 April 20  Thursday Haddock Fishing
 April 28 Friday Marathon Ground Fishing Special
 May 4   Thursday Haddock fishing
 May 8  Monday Haddock Fishing
May 13 Saturday Marathon Haddock Fishing
 May 14  Sunday Haddock Fishing
 May 19  Friday Haddock Fishing
 May 24  Wednesday Marathon Haddock Fishing
June 2 Friday Haddock Fishing
June 6 Tuesday Ground Fishing
 June 17 Saturday Marathon Ground Fishing
July 3 Monday Haddock Fishing
July 6 Thursday Haddock Fishing

Changes in season scheduling
In order to stay tuned in to the types of fishing and their migration patterns, Kayman Charters is dividing up the seasons.


Ground fish season will begin April 15 and run until Sept 14

After that we swap out the gear on the boat and go Tuna fishing until the season closes.

If it closes early like last year we will target the Giant Pollock of outside Jeffreys wrecks in November!


Targeting the same fish everyday has a great advantage, It is what makes a good fisherman stay tuned in!


Last year after being tuned in we had folks catch two giant Bluefin in one day!

One of the two Tuna caught by this fine group!