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Gloucester Fishing

The end of the season was all Tuna fishing for the customers and the crew. As the Haddock trips slowed up we switched gears and only went Tuna fishing.

Being on the grounds and knowing the patterns of the bait and fish definitely  gives us a good advantage over others. We had a handful of clients who wanted to try Tuna fishing. One group ended up with two giant Bluefin on the deck in a few hours. A few groups got one fish and some groups caught small 100 pound fish that we let go but did keep a couple for the grill when legal.

The Tuna season ended on the second week of November this year because the quota was caught! This was the first year in over 15 that the quota was actually caught. The good new is other nations were trying to get our quota because we were not catching it, so now there should be no problem with loosing any and possibly  get more quota for next year.

Next season will begin April 15 for Haddock, The Lisa & Jake will fish for ground fish until September when we swap over to Tuna fishing.

Lisa’s Lookout will be closed for renovations this upcoming season so please make plans early to get reservations at area hotels.

Thank you to all and Merry Christmas!


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