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Fishing Charters Gloucester Ma

The Haddock fishing this week ended up great as schools of large fish moved in to the Gloucester coastal waters. Groups have been catching limits of Haddock with a lot of action on all types of fish. Fishing so far this year has been in the shallower water making for a lot of fish coming over the gunwale quickly keeping the crew very busy.
We don’t know who has been more tired at the end of the day , the clients or the crew!
The fishing has been like the old days when non stop action was so fast sandwiches were eaten at the rail!
A few shared trips in June have openings June 2 and 5 have a spot or two for those looking to get in on the action. Go to kaymancharters.com for instant reservations.
Gloucester Haddock fishing Kayman Charters

Nick and Jeff with nice Haddock

Gloucester Haddock fishing Kayman Charters

Long time Client Gene Duby with a nice Haddock


Gloucester Haddock fishing Kayman Charters

A sea Raven eats a sculpin for breakfast!

Gloucester Haddock fishing Kayman Charters

Gloucester Haddock fishing Kayman Charters

Nick wants his lunch

Haddock fishing report Gloucester MA

The weather held off enough to get out with a couple of groups over the week end. Haddock were everywhere! the groups must have caught 400 haddock to get enough legal size ones to make up their 120 fish boat limit. There are so many year classes of Haddock out there from herring sized Haddock to 25 inch Haddock. This is a great sign for the future of the fishery the big 2010 year class is all legal size fish now so there are plenty of them.
Haddock trips are filling fast Next Shared trip is June 2 go to kaymancharters.com to sign up today

Haddock fishing report Kayman Charters Gloucester Ma

opening day sees Haddock action

Opening day sees Haddock action

DSC00589_thumb DSC00590_thumbThe Haddock fishing report from f/v Lisa&Jake Gloucester Ma is reporting a ton of fish! The folks from Ct made the first trip out to Jeffries ledge via Tillies. The reports are anglers were lock and load! The action was non stop, lot of smaller fish in the mix so you really had to adjust the bait and weed through the Cod and the short Haddock to get the bag limits. A few Pollock came to gaff as well as a Cusk or two.

A new Shared Charter has opened up! MAY 16 has 3 open spots!