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Gloucester fishing charters fishing report

The Lisa& Jake got the winterizing today as the season came to an end for us last week.

I am very excited about the new regulations that should come out next week! Although we aren’t expected to get much Cod fish the legal amount of Haddock should be well over 100 fish for the boat! That should bring in a lot of anglers back to the rails of the Lisa&Jake and I expect a much busier year Starting May 1 when the new year begins. As the regulations come out I will post them and send e-mails in the news letter.

The ground fishing stopped on Aug 31 this year and the boat went Tuna Fishing, when we went for the rest of the year. We had some great trips and most of the Charters all caught Giant Bluefin. Seven hundred to eight hundred pound some of these fish weighed in at!

I will also put together a Shared Charter schedule  to get some of those great folks back out on the water.

Yoshi and friends

Yoshi and friends