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Merry Christmas From Kayman Charters Gloucester MA

As the snow flies here in Gloucester and the temperature  is in the single didgets, I would like to wish all a merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The Kayman Too has been hauled out and the Lisa&Jake is still floating  pending a couple of more fishing trips until the end of the month. Most years nothing freezes in the boat and is fine with the block heater running. This year has been different with the freezing temps,even the coffee maker froze!

We have new changes for 2014 with mid week specials and a ton of promotions! We will only running one boat next year to try to cut down on the overhead and pass some savings on to the great customers of Kayman Charters! Capt.Rob will be on board running the Lisa&Jake as well.

All the regulations are slated to remain the same as previous years so there should be no surprises there, Commercial fishing has been almost non existant due to there strict regulations and we have already seen a huge increase in fish!

Make sure you get the Kayman News letter and follow us on Facebook as there will be some great deals to be had!

The first deal went out in the christmas card with $50 off a shared charter for a limited time!


Cod fishing Gloucester Kayman Charters

Pollock were replaced by Haddock this Fall!