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Fall Cod fishing reports

Thanks to these guys willingness to fish the deep water we had the most productive fishing trip this month. It was also likely the last day of fishing for the species of Cod in 2012. The season will close on November 1st. We have Hurricane Sandy rolling through New England Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as well as most likely Wednesday. Or, will Wednesday be the calm after the storm? We shall see…
These guys are from New Jersey, their names are John, Keith, Whitney, Brian, Dustin and Joe. This was their first time fishing out of Gloucester. They quickly learned how to hunt the elusive Codfish. Along the way, we saw pilot whales, which is unusual to see. We also slammed on the breaks for a deep drop in 333 feet of water.. 40 to 60 feet from the bottom our jigs met a barrage of bruiser Pollock. It was a fish a cast for a while as we slowly drifted deeper, while at the same time carrying the school with us… None of the customers complained so I let the drift continue. Then one by one they began catching Cod instead of Pollock. One here, one there. Then a couple nice, larger Cod came over the rails. Funny thing was, that was during slack tide! After that when the Outgoing tide began moving, it was drift after drift for about three more hours. During that time we, including myself of course, caught Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Large Haddock, large Cod, and… some very Large Cusk as well, ha! Shawn Loves cutting those…
Well, its time for Pollock season to begin here after a few days off. I’m going to take it easy tomorrow, then start sharpening up Jig hooks and Gaff hooks to get ready for the madness that is Pollock fishing. Hope to see you all out Here soon! And also, thanks for your enthusiasm throughout the Codfishing portion of 2012.
Anyway, here are the pictures from the trip…
-Capt. Rob
Cod fishing Gloucester Ma

Calm day fishing!

Nice Large Pollock Nails a Jig

Nice Large Pollock Nails a Jig!


Big schools of Pollock are gathering!

Cod Charters Gloucester Ma

Large Cod Caught on Kayman Too

Smoker Haddock are still plentiful!

Cod Charters Gloucester Ma

More Large Cod to close out the day!

F/V Lisa&Jake

The F/V Lisa&Jake has been filming for the “Wicked Tuna” TV series the past couple of weeks. Although I can not disclose any details until after the show airs on Nat Geo this winter, I can tell you it will be a very exciting series with the crew on F/V Lisa&Jake

The Kayman Too has been doing the charters with Capt.Rob and he had this to say.

Some Large Haddock filled fish totes last week as a big push of nice sized fish came into some of the hard bottoms of tillies Bank. Clam bait fisherman were the top hook as the 10-12 pounders could not resist the tasty offerings
Some nice Cod also were boated by groups that were fortunate enough to get the weather to drift fish and bounce jigs along the productive edges of Stellwagon Bank
Pollock season will be upon us in a couple of weeks! This is a meat slam trip with all the fish have been 10-30 pounds the last few years, extra totes have been ordered for the boats to accommodate for these large fighting fish.
The boats will fish into the first week of December before we haul out for maintenance and wait for the Spring fishing to commence