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Haddock and Cod Fishing

The Ground fishing is going strong limits of Cod are being caught the last week with a nice mix of Large Haddock and the suprising 20 pound pollock that take the rods to the gunwales! Most of the fishing has been done to the east in 200 to 280 feet of water. Bait has been the primary source of catching as the fish are not tuned into the jigs so far this year

Some Tuna have been showing up but most of them are commercial sized fish right now, There is tons of Herring and Mackerel around so we are expecting a great Tuna year!

Nice Market sized Cod on a great day

Haddock fishing Kayman Charters Gloucester Ma

Ken nails a nice one!

Large Haddock takes the bait!

Even a 90 year old guy enjoys some Haddock fishing!

Tweety bird rest and the brim as "tweetypuke" releases his lunch

Tweety bird rest and the brim as "tweetypuke" releases his lunch

Large Pollock nails a bait!

Cod fishing on Kayman Charters

Cod fishing Gloucester Ma

Lisa displays the bar at Lisa's Lookout


Haddock Fishing Reports

The boats were on some nice large Market fish last week with a couple in the high teens to 20 pounds! Along with some nice large Haddock has made for some great trips the past week. Next shared trips are June 11 and June 14th see kaymancharters.com to sign up