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Haddock Fishing Report

Haddock fishing is going strong with some nice Haddock to 10 pounds in the mix. Some days the bite has been non stop and the anglers arms are ready for the ride in! Cod fishing opens this week, the boats will do some exploring as most of the fish we have found are in remote spots that are not commonly fished, Still1 day open in April,Book the 24th before they let the draggers back in. Book on kaymancharters.com

Over the weekend Anglers from NJ got a big suprise when a rod doubled over and line was screaming out with something very large, After 60 minutes of Expert angling by Ken and Jim a Large Porbeagle came to the surface. With all the Tuna gear still in the barn the crew was busy trying to MacGyver a harpoon and a flying gaff. The fish came by and the dart did not stick in the fish,it ran and dumped another 100 plus feet of line. Another 30 minute battle was underway as the harpoon was rerigged with different thoughts. Again the anglers danced around and brought the fish to the surface,again the dart did not penatrate.

Now this fish,well over 250 pounds is hooked on a Haddock rig 80lb leader and a Mustad 4/0 hook!!

Capt. Kevin gets on the radio looking for assistance. The Kayman Too was in the close distance and had a Tuna harpoon still onboard, after handing it off to the Lisa&Jake it was rigged and ready. With the fish still on pushing two hours it was brought to the surface once againand with the proper tools it was game over! The fish was tailwrapped the made into steaks for the grill!

Congrads to Ken and Jim who had much experience fighting big game to bring this large fish to gaff!

Large Porbeagle Shark caught on a Haddock rig!

Capt Carl lands a Bull Haddock

Ken with his prize catch

Bailing the Large Haddocks!

Double Large Haddock are nice to see!


Nuno lands a beauty on his colorful rig!