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New England Haddock Fishing Report

The boats have been fighting  bumpy weather and starting to get into some quality Haddock now that the tides have subsided. Some nice 8-10 lbers have been coming up with a few double headers for those patient enough to wait for the second one. Clams and shrimp has been in the mix of bait, it seems once they are under the boat they will bite on anything. The boats have been from Stellwagon to Jeffreys ledge and have had a handful of Haddock at most stops.One stop was lock and load doubles as a ball of feeding fish came under the boat and all the rods went down. Deeper water is holding most of the bait and that’s were we are finding the fish. Still openings for full charters as well as shared charters

Dan Armstrong with a nice Haddock

Dan Armstrong hefts another Haddock

New England Haddock Fishing

Capt. Kev shows the group how to double up when the fishing is hot!

New England Haddock Fishing

Large Haddock nails a herring Jig!

New England Haddock Fishing

Jason shows off his largest catch of the day!

New England Haddock Fishing

Eric Murr figures out how to double up!

New England Haddock Fishing

Dan doubles up on a couple of Large Bull Haddocks!

New England Haddock Fishing

Kevin Catches a nice Fat Haddock!

New England Haddock Fishing

Bob Cataldo displays a Large Haddock

New England Haddock Fishing

Maek Monska nails a double

New England Haddock Fishing

Mike Snider of Katie H caynon fishing charters lands a nice Haddock!

New England Haddock Fishing

Troy lands a nice one!

Haddock Fishing Charters

Victor's nice Haddock


The boats did get out for a few days despite the rough weather. Haddock were caught by all as bait rigs tried to stay on the bottom with the fullest moon tides we have had in years! Anglers did a great job moving around the boat to avoid tangles as the tide screamed like a raging river. It took a great deal of constant rod tending to keep the baits on the bottom. The Haddock were not fast and furious like last year yet. We will be on the other side of the moon these coming up days and hopefully the weather will let us look around to find some bigger piles of Haddock.

It was great getting out and enjoying the day with some great people as the caught some great tasting fish! The Haddocks were all nice firm white meat that folks have called to say how delicious it was! This is real cold water fish as the surface water temp is still in the thirty’s. Here are a few photos of some of the anglers with their catch.

 Gerson Colon's Dinner

Gerson Colon has his dinner!

Stuart Adams

Stuart Adams with his nice Haddock!


Dave with a double Haddock

Dave displays a double Haddock!

Kim Catches the largest Haddock !

Kim catches the largest Haddock!

Rich caught some nice Haddock

Rich gets some nice Haddock

Haddock Charters Fishing New England

Haddock Charters Fishing New England

Haddock Charters Fishing New England

Haddock Charters Fishing New England

Haddock Trips will begin March 18

This is the first post of what I hope will be many on a positive note. Both boats are at the dock and will run this weekend in search of the Monster Haddock. Last years trips were spectacular and we are hoping to find the same this year. The water is 5 degrees colder with the temp only at 37degrees so we are with much anticipation! There has been reports of some large Haddock tows by the draggers to the north,that’s a good sign!

Capt. Rob will be running the Kayman Too again this year and Mate Sean is expected to be working the deck. Capt. Kevin will be on the Lisa&Jake along with a new deck hand Dave. We will try to get more news letters out this year wit 

Check h updates to regulations, what is up and coming and some good fish recipies. If you have not received the news letter please send over your e-mail and I will make sure it gets added to the list.

back soon as I will add the fishing reports!

Lisa&Jake and Kayman Too