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Stellwagon Bank Cod Fishing Charters

It is the end of January and the snow and storms will not stop! Cod fishing for my permits has been reduced to 50 pounds of Cod fish under the commercial permit and zero pounds of Cod under the Charter Permit! So the Cod fishing has come to a holt and the boats and my house are getting some love!

I found some picture of our last trip out in December on a Pollock trip. The fish were so thick I had to take a picture of the bottom machine. The bottom was 242 feet deep and I moved the cursor to the top of the pile of fish at 177 ft. Thats right do the math 65 ft thick of fish! Well it did not take long for these guys to fill the boat!



65 feet of fish!


Some nice Pollock!!


It did not take long to fill these boxes!


Ted displays one of many!

Fish on every drop!More bent rods!

Stellwagon Bank Tuna

A client is sizing up his catch!

Mike Shnider was on a trip this Fall on the Kayman Too with Capt. Rob when Tuna appeard on his finder. Capt Rob deployed a bait and this was the end result!

Thanks for the picture Mike!

Blue-fin Tuna Endangered Species??

As the Lisa&Jake and the Kayman Too get some love in dry dock I attended a “listing session” on Making Bluefin Tuna an endangered species. Thats right! for anyone who has a boat or fished on our boats the countless days of seeing Tuna busting from right outside the harbor to some of our spots 30 miles offshore.

This was petitioned by folks in Arizona to make Blue-fin endangered.  It was presented to NOAA who did not see any reason that Blue-fin Tuna should not be put on the endangered list.
Shame on them for using old data that was catch data only and basically for commercial size fish! This cost you your  tax dollars for five meetings houses plane fares and many administrative hours, to figure out that they don’t know what they are talking about.
It was made quite clear by approximately 100 fisherman and spotter pilots that there are so many juvenile and large Tuna of all different year classes on feeding days you can walk on them from Canadian waters down to the Jersey coast!
It was great to see a good turn out in Boston and I hope Maine goes the same way.
What will happen next;
After the Public Comment NOAA will evaluate the data and make a ruling by May 24th.
If all the comments were ignored and these meetings were a government parse and this Arizona group is tied into Obamas appointed environmentalist Dr Jane Lavabitch on May 24th they will rule Blue-fin Tuna an endangered species!
What does that mean?
Endangered species means NO TAKE or attempt to take. Yes no fishing for yellow fin or albacore swords ect…you might catch a Blue- fin Tuna!
Keep an eye on the actions of Jane Lavabitch and write any letter you can to stop here wasting your tax dollars to support these do gooders and put thousands of people out of work and take away a great public resources!