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June 19 2009
Fishing this week has been outstanding! Pick and choose your Cod because there are so many Cod only the larger ones need to go in the box. Limits are still being reached with no problem early in the day. All fish have been on jig set ups with many double headers caught! Even the novice anglers are filling the tubs.Large Pollock are becoming abundant as well. These Slammers will put you to the gunwale every time with the drag peeling. Combo Tuna/Cod trips are filling in fast. Don’t miss out..check availability and book your trip online.

Cod Fishing Report

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Good Afternoon Everybody: My good buddies Billy & Dennis arrived at my home for my friend Nicky & I, at 8:45 P.M. this past Friday, for a Bluefin Tuna/Codfish/Haddock/Pollock Fishing Trip, aboard Kayman Charters, out of Gloucester, Mass. The Weather Forecast said Showers, mainly before 9:00 A.M. with areas of Patchy Fog. The current Marine Forecast at Stellwagen Banks called for South Winds at Speeds of 10-15 Knots, becoming Southwest during the Afternoon, with Visability of 1-3 Miles, & Seas of 2-3 Feet. We were fishing 3 Days before the Last Quarter Moon Phase. We arrived at our Destination at 2:00 A.M. for a 4:00 A.M. Departure, so we were able to get alittle shuteye. John & Roy, who were meeting us, got there at Midnight, so they were already getting some Hard-Earned Sleep, after the Long Drive.

We arrived at the Banks by 6:05 A.M. & fished the first couple of Hours in a Driving Rainstorm, & fortunately the Seas were small as predicted. All of us made sure we had our Foul-Weather Gear Available, & ready to go. On our 1st Drop we began Jigging for Cod, Haddock & Pollock, & within a 1/2 Hour we were bailing fish from 250 Feet down below. Most of the Codfish, Haddock & Pollock were Market Size, although we did catch some Haddock up to 9 Lbs. After about 2 Hours, surprisingly the rain stopped. A few minutes after that, Matt the mate, Kevin the Capt. & a couple of the Guys, noticed a School of Bluefin Tuna, up to 200 Pounds, Jumping Clear Out Of The Water, Chasing Bait, & also a couple of Whales Spouting. Immediately Capt.Kevin & Mate Matt, told us to bring up our lines, it was time to give it a try Trolling for Bluefin Tuna. We gave this a shot for about 2 Hours, but with no offerings from the Bluefin it was back to Bottom Fishing.

Settling in to another area of the Banks, we began Drifting with our Diamond Jig-Teaser Rigs, again in 250 Feet of Water. As soon as we all touched bottom, Rods began to Double-Over & Bend. A Few of us tried fishing Clam Baits as Capt.Kevin suggested, & we began to catch some nice Haddock again. We also hooked a few nice Pollock on the Jigs. The only difference this time, was that after an hour or so, all of us started to catch those Pain-In-The-Ass Dogfish. I’m beginning to think, is there anywhere you can fish, without catching them??? Using those 17 Diamond Jigs in 250 Feet of Water takes alot out of you & we were all glad that Capt.Kevin decided to take a run to fish in a shallower area of the Banks where the Tide seemed just right now.

As we made out next drop in 90-100 Feet of Water, it was Lock & Load fishing at it’s Finest. Billy, Dennis, John, Nicky, Roy & I were Smiling from Ear to Ear, because of the Phenominal Bite that we were all into. Fishing now in a light current, I decided to switch to a 10 oz. Diamond Jig, Billy was Fishing with a 5 oz. Diamond Jig, & Nicky changed over to a 8 Oz. Butterfly Jig. Everything was working, & some of us were praying for alittle rest in between hook-ups. At the Final Bell, we must have caught between the 6 of us, at least 150 Fish, besides 40 of those pesky Dogfish. We were all kind of Happy that it wasn’t a Hot Sunny Day, because we were lucky enough to fish in

Very Comfortable Temperatures all day. This was one of those Fishing Trips to Remember, with each of us going home with 40 Lbs. of Fillet. I enjoyed so much being with a Great Bunch Of Gentlemen. We fished on the Larger Boat of Kayman Charters, a 40-Footer by the name of Jake & Lisa. This Boat has a Beautiful Setup, with 5 Bunks in the DownStairs Cabin, Room to Sit in the UpStairs Cabin, & a Gigantic Cockpit to fish in. If your looking to do some really good Saltwater Fishing in Massachusetts, look up Kayman Charters at www.kaymancharters.com We all stayed overnight at the Knights In Danver

Cod Fishing Photos June 09

jigging Haddock

jigging Haddock



Lg Market Cod

Market Cod

Market Cod

Wolf fish in the Cod hole

Wolf fish in the Cod hole


Cod jigged up on the Kayman Too

Cod jigged up on the Kayman Too


30 lb Wolf fish on the Lisa&Jake

30 lb Wolf fish on the Lisa&Jake

Cod fishing June 15 2009


June 15 2009

The Kayman Too and the Lisa&Jake have been filling fish totes every day! Limits of Cod have been reached with no trouble even by novice anglers! This has been one of the best starts to Summer Cod fishing. Most of the Cod are Market size 6-10 lbs nice clean white bellied fish! These make for excellent tablefare and great for freezing.

Schools of Pollock have shown up on some of the peaks and wrecks, these hard fighting fish are usually caught on the teaser and a nice Cod on the jig making for a heck of a fight!

Haddock have been caught in the deeper waters on jigs and bait. Some big Haddock are around this year! a good numer of 7-10 lbers have hit the deck!

The Tuna have showed up in decent numbers but don’t seem to be settled in.We have only trolled for an hour of so with no luck. I did bring some live bait the other morning only to have them gobbled up by huge Bass and Bluefish.

Plenty of openings coming up for some great fishing, Cick on the “book it now ” button to check avalibility and book your trip!




Large Haddock
Large Haddock

Cod Fishing Photos – June 11 2009

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Cod Fishing Video

This is a video of cod fishing with Kayman Charters sent in by one of our clients.