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Cod and Haddock on Stellwagon


Outside of Gloucester to Stellwagon Bank is just what they call it “A Marine Sanctuary”! Herring, Sand eels, Whales Dolphins..tons of Cod and Haddock!

Not only are Cod caught on the jigs Large Haddock are attacking jigs and feather teasers.
Bait setups are still the main feed of the Haddock but the jig guys are also getting there fill.

Shoal Spots with the hard bottom are holding 10-15 lb Cod that are gorging on herring..jigs are the key in these spots.
The fish finder is lite up from Gloucester to Middle Bank and promises of a great season as the water has warmed 5 degrees in the last 2 days.

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Thanks Capt. Kevin

Cod Fishing Report

April 16 2009

The Boats have been on non stop action outside of Gloucester! As fast as you can drop your tackle to the bottom Cod fish are coming up. Doubles have been common as the double rigs hit the bottom! Fishing jigs and bait the Codfish are more abundant this year than in the past. The boats have been fishing every day fine tuning the catch. The Kayman Fleet knows when to zig and when to zag! Being on the fish everyday makes the difference in your final catch.

The boats have been choicing only the larger fish to make up the limits of Cod fish that has been met every day with no problem since the inside opening on April first. Visit kaymanchartes.com for all the latest info.

Cod Fish Cakes

Codfish Cakes:
Excellent use for belly meat & scraps;
2/3 cooked Codfish
1/3 mashed potatoes
1 cup sauteed onions, peppers, celery
1 large egg
1 cup bread crumbs or matzoh meal
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Mash fish with potatoes. Beat in egg and bread crumbs(matzoh meal). Add salt & pepper Fold in sauteed vegetables. Refrigerate a couple of hours to firm- up. Shape ovals and coat with bread crumbs or matzo meal. Fry in  1/2 ” hot vegetable oil. Flip over and fry to golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Best reheated in oven- microwave will be soggy.

Cod fish bonanza

April 10 2009

Both the Kayman Too and the Lisa&Jake have been out fishing every day. The bite has been red hot with limits of Cod to 20 lbs being caught every day. The boats have been fishing in five different spots and each of them is great! Jigs have been working in the shoal spots and the bait has been the ticket for the deep water spots.

The boats will be sailing every day with still a few split trip openings. Visit www.kaymancharters.com for details