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Gloucester Ma Haddock Fishing

Haddock Fishing from Gloucester long time fishing vessel, Kayman Charters Lisa&Jake will begin on May 1 2016. The new regulations will bring folks back into Gloucester for some great times and fishing!

Capt. Kevin will be at the Springfield Sportsman Show February 19-21. Make plans to see the show and say hi to the Captain.

Here is a sneak peek of some video I put together







Cod fishing Charters Kayman Charters

Cod & Haddock fishing in Gloucester Ma made happy anglers last week! The Lisa&Jake put clients on some great catches of Cod ,Haddock Pollock, Cusk and the tasty redfish!, Benny, Rocky, Jay and the gang strive to out fish their counterparts’ every year. The new fisherman smoked the pros last year and are on a great start for this season!

Folks that got in in the Fish and Stay Special are finishing up their lobster dinners and getting ready for a great excursion, Watch for the new August specials coming out soon!

Shared trips are open in August, We will try to get enough folks for a Shared overnight to get some more Halibut. We need 2 more to make this trip happen.

Benny land a nice Pollock

Benny land a nice Pollock

Nice Haddock on the bait rig!

Nice Haddock on the bait rig!

Rocky gets one for the web!

Rocky gets one for the web!

PJ displays his catch!

PJ displays his catch!

Jay's Haddock!

Jay’s Haddock!

Cod Fishing Charters Land Giant Tuna!

Nov 7 2010

The last week of Cod season ended with some banner days with boats limiting out on large Cod to a day were there was virtually no bite and all the fish that came in were snagged.
The Frankie-Pollozia group from Chiccopee had there first annual trip in honor of there Dad Frank who was a long time Cod fisherman. Frankie made several trips aboard both the Kayman Too and the Lisa and Jake over the years. Frank spent every spare hour tying and constructing different jigs and teaser setups to catch the big one. His son Mike said that is what kept him going in his last years. Frankie was sure to try every rig he made before the end of the day! Sometimes that meant missing the bite to ensure the new rig was tried and tested! Frank was featured in a Kayman Charter video catching 30 plus pound Cod fish with his specialty rigs.
Frank was said to be looking down on the boys on the day of his first annual trip when the boys were done filling the boat with large Cod he sent a hungry 600lb Tuna their way looking to eat. A 130 class reel was deployed and the fight was on! The group took turns bringing the fish with in range of a harpoon shot that landed them the largest fish of there life!
Stay with us Frankie and may you rest in peace!
November trips have started with lock and load Pollock fishing! Saturdays trips on the Kayman Too and the Lisa&Jake saw that it only took a couple of drifts to test the strength of Anglers! Pollock to 25 lbs were peeling drag and snapping lines faster than  you could ever imagine unless you have already experienced this fishing on the Kayman hot spots! Only doubles were hooked that means every drop you had to reel up 25-45 lbs of fish! Needless to say over 1000 lbs of fish were on the deck before the buzzer rang!
The boats will continue to run until Dec and as long as the fishing stays good!
Latest Cod and Tuna video is now posted on kaymancharters.com

Earlier that week Two different Charter boat operators took there crews up for their bi annual Cod trips to stock their freezers. Both of these groups operate out of the same Pt Pleasant Marina . Well they also both hit the jack pot with limits of Large Cod and then BIG Tuna.
Here is a video Capt. Ken of JamaciaPrincess.com put together.

Tuna Fishing on Kayman Charters

Here is a video on a 300 pound Blue fin caught on a live Mackerel on the Lisa&Jake
The ocean seemed like a desert that day with very little life. Suddenly this Tuna flew all the way out of the water and inhaled the bait.

Check out what happens after that!

Spring Cod Fishing Stellwagon Bank

Feb 23 2010

Spring Cod fishing will be here soon! I have been commercial rod and reel fishing the past few weeks and it is Paved with Cod right now. Two to Three Cod on every drop! This has been making for quick fishing trips as limits are reached in no time!

Here is a little video my good clients who run charters from NJ put together I hope it gets you pumped to book your trips!

Ultimate Cod Fishing Oct 09

Cod Fishing 2009

November Pollock

Bluefin Tuna Video

Wolf fish video